Health Clinic

Health Clinic

As medical professionals, we understand the importance of health screening in early detection of diseases or other possible health problems. Many diseases can be treated effectively if diagnosed early and in some instances may even be life saving. At Stellar, our health clinic screening packages are designed to provide your body and health a 'reality check' giving a review of an individual's overall health status and addressing risk factors for prevention of degenerative diseases ranging from heart disease to cancer. Depending on the findings of your assessment, our doctors can then suggest lifestyle changes or medical treatments where necessary to make a positive impact on your future health and reduce the risk of serious illnesses.

You can have a health screen at any stage of your life. You may want to have a health check before getting married or starting a family, before a change of job or you may have family history of certain medical problems or some health concerns. Whatever your specific health needs, our health assessment program can be adapted to suit you.

Prevention is always better than cure and in most cases early detection of an illness leads to increased success of management or treatment of the health problem.

General Health Screening

Executive Medical Health Screen

  • Medical History and Lifestyle Questionnaire

  • Complete Medical Examination

  • Height / Weight / Body Mass Index

  • Blood Tests

    1. Hematological Profile

    2. Blood Group / Rh factor

    3. Diabetes Screen

    4. Cholesterol Profile

    5. Liver Function Test

    6. Kidney Function Test

    7. Thyroid Function Test

    8. Arthritis Screen

    9. Gout Screen

    10. Hepatitis A & B Screen

    11. Syphilis Screen

    12. Calcium / Phosphate Level

    13. Cancer Markers ( Intestine & Liver )

  • Urine Analysis

  • Stool Analysis

  • Chest Xray

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Woman Wellness Assessment Screen

This Women Wellness Screen is carefully developed to focus on the most important areas of female health. All consultations and examinations are done by our lady doctor in a discreet and private manner.


Premarital Health Screening for Woman


Well Woman Screen 1 (for woman below 40 years old)


Well Woman Screen 2 (recommended for woman above 40 years old)


Stellar Woman Screen

Man Wellness Assessment Screen

The Man Wellness Screen is specially designed to focus on male health problems with special focus on the heart and includes one of the most important health screening test for males especially over 40 years - the prostate screen.


Well Man Screen 1 (for males below 40 years old)


Well Man Screen 2 (Males 40 years and above)


tellar Man Screen

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